28 - 29 Septiembre

Qualitative reasons for buying a property in Costa Blanca (Spain)

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Islas Feroe

  • The life expectancy of Spaniards is the second longest in the world behind Japanese. The Women are ranked as well as second and the men are ranked sixth.
  • Health Care in System is ranked by the World Health Organization as the seventh in the world.
  • Work life balance rank in the World: Spain is at the fourth place behind the Netherlands, the Denmark and France. What a terrific result!

The10 reasons for buying a property in Spain

  • Real estate prices are low compared to historical standards and started to rise again since end 2014.
  • Real estate prices are low compared to mortgage costs.
  • Economic growth is back in Europe and Spain is one of the strongest countries in Europe.
  • Enjoy 320 days of sun per year!
  • The second longest coastal line in the south of Europe, behind Italy. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Spain.
  • Spain enjoys a very stable political environment compared to with other areas of the Mediterranean.
  • The cost of life is much lower than European averages.
  • A large network of infrastructures: International Airports + Fast train AVE Network.
  • And finally, although no less important, our old claim, "Spain is different". Come and we'll show you.
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